We take immense pride in creating a nurturing space for individuals to explore their true selves through the magic of makeup and transformation. 

Our dedicated team is committed to fostering a supportive community that celebrates diversity and individuality. As you embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery, dive into the heartfelt testimonials shared by our incredible community members. These stories not only showcase the external beauty achieved through makeup but also highlight the inner confidence and authenticity inspired by our transformation services. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of makeup and personal reinvention, these testimonials capture the warmth, encouragement, and positive transformations that define the Ts i love you experience. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of self-expression, one testimonial at a time.

'I had an amazing time with Paul/Iris, they made me look amazing, but the best part of the whole experience was them.  They Totally helped me relax, were full of Brilliant ideas and were really interested on creating something that felt unique, special and totally me'

- Sarah

'I have been going to Paul/Iris for my makeovers for a couple of years now and i wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Paul/Iris totally make me feel at ease and transforms me into the woman I've always wanted to be . I feel so confident once Paul/iris has worked their magic  that i am happy to walk around London fully dressed. Paul/iris are great at recommending the wigs and makeup colours that really suit you personally. ladies i fully recommend ! '

- Chloe

I can highly recommend Iris if you are looking for a makeover undertaken by a professional and experienced makeup artist. She recently came to my house and was very calm, polite and friendly. She made me feel at ease and suggested a glamorous look she thought would suit me as I was going for a date with a man. I wanted to look very feminine and to be the usual over the top style i prefer and she did this perfectly.
Iris was on time (which was quite a late time id asked her to come along) when she came to my house and was extremely worth the money i had to pay. this young woman is a bargain for the skills she offers"

- Lola

Iris/ Paul really came through for me when i needed an old wig i have had for a while styled. The wig in question was stored away for quite some time and lost its height - its  a very large B52 beehive style wig . Iris was able to add new hair inbto the style revive the whole ig and also Breathe life into the old girl again . im so happy with what she has done and i will be reaching out again for future styles for events . 


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